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- Visionary Leadership -

Karla Vandenberg, the visionary founder of Monkey Dooz, embarked on a remarkable journey in 2001. Motivated by her son’s aversion to haircuts, she sought to create an environment where children could enjoy getting their hair done. With a desire to make little girls feel like princesses and promote self-esteem, Karla introduced spa treatments that made them feel special, igniting their imagination with sparkles and dreams.
However, Monkey Dooz is more than just a salon; it is an educational platform. Karla believes in teaching children about the world they live in, particularly the importance of rainforests and giving back to their community. She actively collaborates with numerous charities, striving to make children’s dreams come true and provide services for underprivileged youth.
Karla’s dedication and passion have not gone unnoticed. She has been recognized as the Enterprising Woman of the Year and has even graced the stage of the renowned Martha Stewart show. Furthermore, her business has been honored as one of the top 10 businesses in Entrepreneur Magazine.
Monkey Dooz Kids Salon &Amp; Spa Logo
Karla’s creative concept was embraced by the Atlantis Hotel, Boca Raton Resort and the Ritz Carlton. This was the first time that parents could enjoy a luxury stay while their children had their own fun!
In essence, Monkey Dooz is not merely a salon; it is a sanctuary where children can feel better about themselves and aspire to do better in the world. Karla Vandenberg’s unwavering commitment to empowering children has left an indelible mark on the community, making her a true inspiration and role model for all.
Monkey Dooz Kids Salon &Amp; Spa Logo