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Treat your little ones to an unforgettable salon and spa experience! From salon treatments to relaxing spa sessions, we’ve got it all covered. Don’t let your kids miss out on the opportunity to unwind and indulge in our delightful benefits. Learn more.

Monkey Dooz Kids Salon &Amp; Spa Haircuts


Our expert stylists are trained to work with even the wiggliest of little ones, ensuring a stylish haircut while keeping the experience fun. We use gentle techniques to leave your kids with a confident and great look!

Monkey Dooz Kids Salon &Amp; Spa Custom Styling

Custom Styling

Unleash your child’s personality with our custom hair styling services! Whether for a school event, a birthday, or fun, our stylists craft the perfect look that expresses your child’s unique style. From braids to buns, spikes to curls, we create a memorable style that stands out!

Monkey Dooz Kids Salon &Amp; Spa Party Packages

Party Packages

Celebrate in style with our exclusive kid’s salon party packages! Our salon transforms into a party paradise where your child and their friends can enjoy mini makeovers, stylish hairdos, and nail art.

Monkey Dooz Kids Salon &Amp; Spa Spa Services


Pamper your little ones with our soothing spa services designed only for kids. Our gentle facials, fun mani-pedis, and relaxing massages are tailored to make children feel special and spoiled. It’s a serene retreat where kids can unwind and be treated like the stars they are!

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Fun Atmosphere

Step into a world of fun at our Kids Salon and Spa! With bright colors, engaging activities, and a play area, we’ve created an atmosphere that keeps children excited and entertained. Our friendly staff ensures that every visit is filled with laughter, joy, and a dash of magic.

Monkey Dooz Kids Salon &Amp; Spa Happy Clients

Happy Clients

Every child leaves our salon with a big smile and a spring in their step! Parents love seeing their kids so happy and full of confidence after a visit to our salon. It’s not just a haircut or a spa day; it’s an experience that uplifts and delights, making both kids and parents eager to return.