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Monkey Dooz Kids Salon and Spa believes in the power of education and giving back, which is why they have made it their mission to raise awareness about endangered species among children and support non-profit organizations dedicated to their conservation.
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About Us

With their vibrant and playful salon environment, Monkey Dooz creates a unique space where children can learn about these magnificent animals while enjoying pampering and fun. Through interactive events, educational programs, and engaging activities, Monkey Dooz sparks a love for wildlife and instills a sense of responsibility in young hearts. By partnering with non-profit organizations, Monkey Dooz actively contributes to the preservation of endangered species, ensuring a brighter future for these animals and their habitats. They believe that by educating children and fostering a connection to nature, they can inspire a generation of compassionate and environmentally conscious individuals who will make a positive impact on the world.
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I have taken my children and Grand children to Monkey Dooz since it opened! We have gone to locations in Yakima, Kennewick, Richland, Eagle and Riverside, CA! We are wild about Monkey Dooz!!
- Gina Brandt -
I took my daughters to Monkey Dooz for haircuts, updooz, and for their Birthday  parties. Twenty years later my girls still speak about the wonderful  memories and how it helped inspire them to feel better about themselves!
- Heather Blake -