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- Testimonials -

"I have taken my children and Grand children to Monkey Dooz since it opened! We have gone to locations in Yakima, Kennewick, Richland, Eagle and Riverside, CA! We are wild about Monkey Dooz!! ”
- Gina Brandt -
"My daughter had her birthday party at Monkey Dooz and absolutely loved the experience. She now has a daughter and told me the other day how she wished so badly that it was here again for her daughter to experience the love glitter and up-do’s that she had. In fact, my daughter became a hair stylist because she wanted to give to others what she felt you gave to her at age 8.”
- Michelle Elliott -
"I took my daughters to Monkey Dooz for haircuts, updooz, and for their Birthday  parties. Twenty years later my girls still speak about the wonderful  memories and how it helped inspire them to feel better about themselves!”
- Heather Blake -
"This was one of my favorite places when I was younger!!! I loved getting all pampered & dolled up, excellent customer service & overall an excellent experience.”
- Mariah Skugstad -
"Definitely the most fun place to ever work, I've never had so much fun giving children a reason to smile, this was the best job ever... traveling to pitch new salons, coming up with creative ideas, I've always lived my life with sparkle, and I will never ever let go of the cans of glitter, I have a daughter of my own, so teaching her Sparkle updos and how to shine, along with other children throughout my career, gives me warm fuzzies, Monkey Dooz is the best place for children to learn that they are people too, it is a place to give children joy, and to let them know that they are people that deserve to have awesome hair! I knew the minute I started there that I had met my sparkling match, there is nothing like it!”
- Diane Hancock -